viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

Untouchables report


It seems like everybody watched this film before except me!  And I have to say I tried  to see it a lot of times. The first one I was going to see i ton the cinema with my sister and an aunt that invited us, the other time with my mom, and other times, that I had no time, or stuff like that.

I´m happy that we saw in the school, is not the movie theather but at least ther was a screen.  What everybody said was true, is a very moving and funny movie, I laughed a lot, of a very innocent humor, without bad words or double sense.

It´s so inspiring, I mean If Phillip could fly I cant see how people that are healthy dont try things just because of the fear. An unexpected firendship between a mature, White, rich man and Driss, his assistant, a black por man working for a paraplejic, and becoming friends sounds imposible, but the unbelievable thing is that this is a true story, there´s a Philippe, and a Driss in real life, with the exception that Driss is nota frican. At the beginning  i had the perception tha driss was being so mean with his boss, but maybe that was the reason he liked him, because he didn´t treat him like a sick person, or gave him a special treatment , that honesty maybe made them friends. Together they were untouchables, and unstoppables, they   could do anything the proposed. My favorite scene was when Driss danced, God! He´s so good dancer! The way he just move with the music, he´s just letting his soul to the rythym of the song. The life of Phil was so serious and boring, and Driss was the energy he needed , something different and new.

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