lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

Bird flu spreads in nation


The National Health and Quality Agribusiness Service (Senasica) reported Wednesday that the number of poultry farms found to be infected with the H7N3 strain of bird flu has risen to 38: 22 in Guanajuato and 16 in Jalisco.
The 16 Jalisco farms are owned by Mexico’s leading poultry producer, Bachoco, the Senasica said in a statement.
Jalisco Food Production Secretary Javier Usabiaga said that one of the infected farms is owned by Pilgrim’s Corp., a subsidiary of Brazilian multinational JBS SA.
The official said Jalisco’s border with Querétaro has been quarantined to stop the transportation of poultry
He added that only 14 poultry farms remain quarantined

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