domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013


Pretty Little Liars saga:

This books are about a group of friends (Ali, Hannah, Spencer, Aria & Emily).

This girls get in lots of troubles when one of the girls (Ali) is killed by a unknown person.
When she die the rest of the girls start gettin messages from A ( who knows everything about they)
"A" isn't jus one. A is a team, a group o people who suffer because of Ali and the girls and want revenge.

At the end of each book people discover who is A
in the A team:
-Toby: Spencer's boyfriend
-Mona: Hannah's best friend
-Spencer: in a moment she decide to be on A team
-Jenna: Toby's sister
-Lucas: Hannah's friend

The real A is Ali. The real Ali the killed one is Courtney, Ali's twin

The books have a serie and its on the season 4, "Courtney" is going to be on the story after this season

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