jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013


The book I read this year was about a kid named Tommy that every night he went to bed he had the same nightmare and he only remembered a strange dog that he decided to name Rummy, because that was the name of his neighbor dog.
One night when Tommy was about to sleep he noticed that Rummy was there watching him then suddenly he started to bark to the wall, Tommy noticed that a big hand shadow was there pointing  to his room door, he went to the door and open it when he did that he was no longer in his house, he was in different and scary place he had never seen even in photos.
So the thing is that he wanted to go back to his room, and for that Rummy and Tommy had a few adventures and finally killed an evil monster that was stealing kids.
When he entered to his room, Rummy disappeared and noticed that the nightmares he had were because the monster was trying to kidnapping  him; and now every night Tommy goes to sleep he has sweet dreams and see his partner and best friend Rummy.

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