martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

Jokes team #2 (Maria Jose Benitez, Nadia, fernanda

Man 1: My son is not listening to anything I say.
Man 2: Is he so adamnant?
Man 1: No, he is deaf.

What do you call a deeply burnt food item in your lunch that is not recogonizable?
UFO: Unidentified Fried Object.

Girl 1: Oh I am doomed! That's my husband coming with my lover!
Girl 2: I was about to say the same-thing too!

Man to miser: Why do you always remove the batteries from the clock and keep them outside?
Miser: I want to extend the battery life and hence I put them in the clock only when I want to see the time.

Before going to sleep you can say Good Night.
But before waking up can you say Good Morning? 

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