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Abstract book. The best of me.

Abstract. The best of me.

The best of me is a Nicholas Sparks book, that means this is a very romantic story, he wrote The Notebook, The lucky one, Dear John, A walk to remember and lots of good books that became successful  movies.

I have to say that this wasn't his best book, I haven't read another I've only watched the movies but I don't think that a movie is going to be based on this book, it´s so boring! That's why I didn't finish it.

The story is about the romance of Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole, this love started when they were in high school, she was a family girl, and Dawson wasn't a bad boy, but his family was, so the people in the town thought he was a troublemaker.

They had this kind of secret relationship, and then everybody knew about this, but Amanda's parents weren't happy woth this, they told Dawson that he was a distraction in Amanda's way to the university,  so because he loved her, he took a step back and told her goodbye.

Very different destinations for each one, Amanda went to university, met the guy her parents approved and then she got married and had three kids but one of them died, and tthat made her husband an alcoholic. For Dawson life hasn't been friendly, he killed a man accidentally and spent some years in prison, then in the place where he worked there was an explosión, and a lot of his partners had very serious damages, or have lost life, he  was a very lonely man, he had no family or friends, or anything.

Twenty-five years later Ted, the man that was like a father for Dawson when he was a teenager, and a friend for Amanda when she was a teenager and at the end of his life, now he was dead, and of course both were going to the town to tell him goodbye.

Dawson wasn't loved in the town, and he left it many years ago, and Amanda lied to her husband telling him she was visiting her mom, not that she was coming back to Oriental.

Finally they met again, it wasn't a coincidence that both decided to go to Ted's house, visiting the place where their romance lived 25 years ago. Now they realize that the thing they thought that happened with the other wasn't true, and the love started again, the only problem, Amanda was still married.

I hope to finish this book, but maybe I'm gonna take my time till I find the sense, the taste of the book.

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